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About Brooklyn Audio

Brooklyn Audio is a manufacturer of car electronics. We have taken our time and listened to the needs of our customers and created products that every enthusiast would want without overpaying for it.

Our products are designed in Brooklyn, NY with a team of highly skilled engineers. We stand by our product and invite you to see the value of our products.


Each amplifier is designed with efficient heat sinks and rugged internal components to ensure reliable operation and power output.  They come with  bass boost control , built-in variable frequency filters   You can play your system “Brooklyn” hard for long periods of time without any problem.


Our subwoofers give off high performance sound for your car’s sound system without draining your wallet. These woofers use a carbon-filled poly cone to give you maximum bass for your vented or non-vented enclosure.


Our flipdown color video monitor lets your backseat passengers enjoy all their television habits as if they were sitting at home. They can watch their shows on the road, DVDs, or play video games, The flip-down screen allows backseat passengers to adjust the left/right and up/down viewing angles manually for the best possible view. The adjustable picture display shows videos in full screen or normal mode, and even allows image rotation and reversal.

You get two audio/video inputs, so you can connect two sources. Use the headphone jack for your wired headphones, or switch on the built-in IR transmitter to send audio to your wireless headphones (headphones not included). There are two LED dome lights for nighttime visibility, and the package includes a wireless remote control for convenient setup and operation.

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