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Each amplifier is designed with efficient heat sinks and rugged internal components to ensure reliable operation and power output. They come with bass boost control , built-in variable frequency filters. You can play your system “Brooklyn” hard for long periods of time without any problem.
Amplifier - BK-8002 BK-8002
Every amplifier is designed for reliable and continuous performance for extended periods. Rugged internal components and efficient heat sinks ensure consistent operation and power output. The controls feel very positive. These units come with bass boost control for superlative delivery of low spectrum sound. Built in variable frequency filters give you exceptional clarity and resolution.
Amplifier - BK-10002 BK-10002
Incorporates engineering designs and attributes that give superior sonic performance. Durable and rugged internal components together with efficient heat sinks give this unit the endurance to perform for extended periods without a hiccup. Built in variable frequency filters give superlative transient response and clarity while reducing sonic overhang. The bass boost control provides the ability to tailor bass response ranging from soft throbbing to a chest thumping delivery.
Amplifier - BK-10004 BK-10004
Delivers 1200 watts of pure music power. With it rugged internal components and heat protection up to 80 plus or minus 5 degrees Centigrade this unit will perform for longer periods without any problems. The bass boost control will give you unmatched bass performance. The built in variable frequency filters allow the low spectrum to integrate seamlessly with the mid and high end resulting in a smoother and more coherent performance of the whole system.
Amplifier - BK-120002 BK-12002
The same rugged, reliable quality but delivering 1000 watts into four channels. The bass boost control can get the best performance from your subwoofer. Variable frequency filters are built in for smooth transient response and superior clarity. Excellent heat protection allows long periods of high output without any problems.
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